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Thurs., 5/10/2018 - Special Bred Cow & Cow Calf Pairs Sale along with All Class Cattle Sale starting on Weigh-ups

  • Broken Bow Livestock 614 North B Street Broken Bow, NE, 68822 United States (map)
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start time 9:30 on Weigh-ups


7 Blk Angus Breeding Bulls, 2-5 yr olds......Russ Mattox Estate

1st Calf Heifer Pairs
  13 Blk Angus, 10 Bwf, 5 Char Angus X, 2 Red & Rwf

2nd Calf to Short Solid Pairs
  80 Blk & Bwf,  20 Char, Red & Rwf, 3 Dairy X

20 Blk & Red Heavy Springers,
       All Pairs have Blk, Bwf or Char X Calves at side, bull calves
       are banded, one brand, home raised, complete vac.
                                Complete Dispersion Russ Mattox Estate

1 Jersey 1st Calf Hfr, bred Jersey, heavy springer....Curt Sillivan

1 Blk Angus Breeding Bull, 4 yr old.. Hayden Geiser

1 Red LimFlex Breeding Bull, 2 yr old...Marlin Jorgensen

6 Gelbvieh Angus & Gelbvieh Red Angus Balancer Yearling Breeding Bulls,
   fertility checked, poured, wormed.....Rick Lammers

6 Blk Angus Yearling Bulls...Mike Connell

  33  Fancy Blk Angus 1st Calf Hfr Pairs, Blk calves, early March Calves (23) Ai sired Vermillion Angus (10) home raised, Poured, PregGuard, 1200#......Ludwig Ranch

9 Blk & Bwf Cow/Calf Pairs, (1) 1st Calf Hfr Pair  (8) 2nd Calvers, Blk & Red Calves born
       from Feb to April...........Merritt Eastman

35 Angus Cow/Calf Pairs, 3-6 yr olds, Angus x Calves...Cory Peterson  

20 Hereford Fall Calving Cows, 3-6 yr olds, bred Blk Simm, August 1st for 90
       days......Devin Schernikau

15 Blk & Bwf Fall Bred Cows, 3rd & 4th Calvers, bred Hereford or Blk......Ron McCleary

10 Angus & Angus X Pairs, Running Age... Melvin May

 6 Ang. & Bwf Pairs, Running Age..... John & Mary Lou Block

 5 Angus Pairs, Running Age...Gordon Family Ranch

65 Blk & Bwf w/few Char X Fall Strs & Hfrs, weaned, 60 days, 1 round of shots,
     350-525#....Rasby Land & Cattle

Wendell Brott 308.529.0117