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Special Sale Thurs, April 26 - Start Time 10 AM on Weigh-ups, Baby Calves, Pairs, Bred Cows, Roping Cattle & Calves

  • Broken Bow Livestock 614 North B Street Broken Bow, NE, 68822 United States (map)
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10:00 am CT on Weigh-ups
12:30 pm on Baby Calves, Pairs,
Bred Cows, Roping Cattle & Calves

43 Blk w/few Bwf 2 yr old Cow/Calf Pairs,
  4 Blk Angus 3 yr old Cow/Calf Pairs
  6 Blk Angus Young Fall Bred Cows, complete vac salt & mineral,
     poured….Top Set...University of NE, North Platte Division

40 Blk & Bwf Cow/Calf Pairs, running age, month+ old calves at side...Cory Peterson

12 Angus Cow/Calf Pairs, Char calves....Darren Weinman

10 Blk, Red & Char Cow/Calf Pairs, solid to short solid, two week
     old calves at side...Wagon Wheel Ranch

  5 Blk Angus Cow/Calf Pairs, broken mouth, w/blk calves at side...Eric & Seth Fenner

24 Blk & Red Angus 1st Calf Hfrs, bred to LBW Angus Bulls, calving now to May 30th
      Scourguard shots...Tracy Sachtjen
  9 Blk & Red Angus 1st Calf Hfrs w/Blk calves....Tracy Sachtjen

45 Blk w few Bwf Fall Calving Stock Cows, 3rd calvers to broken
     mouth, bred to Arrow One Angus Bulls, Sept. 1st for 45 days,
     Vibrio Lepto shots poured, salt & mineral,
     Big strong set of cows..........Gary & Kelly Blevins

20 Blk Angus Fall Calving Stock Cows, solid to short solid, bred
     Blk Angus, Mid Sept. for 70 days...E Quarter Circle Ranch

20 Blk Angus Stock Cows, young to solid mouth, bred Blk Angus,
     calve May 1st to June 15th...John Zutavern


  1 Jersey 1st Calf Hfrs, heavy springer, bred Jersey...Curt Sillivan

  1 Jersey Breeding Bull....Ryan Grantzinger


11 Longhorn Cow/Calf Pairs, running age, longhorn calves at side...Don Barnum

  4 Longhorn Cows, bred to Longhorn Corriente X bulls
  4 Longhorn X Calves, 300-500#.... Johnson Sappa Farms

  7 Corriente X Hfrs, 600-700#.....3 Corriente Strs, 650-700#
  1 Corriente 2 yr old Bull...Lyle Martin

 5 Longhorn X (1) Str & (4) Hfrs, weaned, 400-500#...Gerald Cotton

 5 Longhorn Hfrs....Roberts Ranch

9 Longhorn Corriente X Strs, fresh, 500#...Gordon Musil

13 Longhorn X Calves...Don Barnum

14 Longhorn Strs & Hfrs....Miller Ranch

19 Longhorn Strs & Hfrs, off cows, 400#...Durner & Yuetter

  9 Angus Yearling Strs & Hfrs....Ron McCleary

14 Hereford Strs/Bulls & Hfrs...Kent Lewis

20 Blk Strs & Hfrs, weaned, PC, 500-600#...Bill Dugan

25 Holstein Strs & Hfrs, weaned, 400-550#...Randy Lammers

30 Blk & Red Strs & Hfrs, weaned, shots, 550-650#...CJ Bar Cattle

31 Mostly Red Strs, green, range & cake fed, home raised, 400-450#...Ron Dobbins

40 Blk & Bwf Fall Strs & Hfrs, weaned, 7-way at birth, 400-500#...Duane McNutt

50 Blk Angus Fall Strs & Hfrs, weaned, shots, 500-550#...Trevor & Amy Dam


Weigh-up Cows & Bulls...Milldale Ranch


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