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Thurs., June 13, 2019 - Special Cattle Sale - 9:30 start on Weigh-ups

  • Broken Bow Livestock 614 North B Street Broken Bow, NE, 68822 United States (map)
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Thurs., June 13, 2019 ~ 9:30 am on Weigh-ups

Stocker Feeders along with Fall Calving Cows & Replacement Heifers

Expecting 300-500 Weigh-ups - 12:30 pm Baby Calves, Bred Cows

1 pm Stocker Feeders, Yearlings, Fall Calves & Replacement Heifers

  Fall Bred Cows

 140 Blk & Red Angus Fall Bred Cows, 3 yr olds up to 9 yr olds, bred Red Angus Bulls,
start Sept. 10, 60 days, Complete Dispersion of Fall Bred Cows … Bill Bigbee

11 Blk & Red Cows w/ Blk babies at side, 150-275# Calves, young to solid...Todd VanWinkle

 Stocker Feeders

 120 Blk & Bwf Yearling Strs, poured, long haul, 875-900#…Thad & Lucinda McDermott

 120 Blk Yearling Hfrs, GO, poured, long haul, 900#….McDermott Ranch

     8 Holstein Yearling Strs, poured, 900-950#…McDermott Ranch

   60 Blk Yearling Hfrs, GO, poured, long haul, 840#….Erica Niles

 140 Blk & Red Fall Calves, fall vac, off cows, 350-600#….Bill Bigbee

   50 Blk Angus Hfrs, bangs vac, off grass, 900#...Top Set…Tom & Kris Rut

   50 Blk Angus Replacement Hfrs, bangs vac, poured, 600-750#… Dale & Leroy Black

   50 Blk Angus Strs & Open Hfrs, off grass, 700-850#…Potter Ranch

14 Angus Strs & Hfrs, W, 700#...Randy Lammers


Thurs., June 20 - Regular All Class Cattle Sale

Office 308.872.3334 ~ Wendell Brott 308.529.0117