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Thurs., Dec. 13, 2018 - Special Bred Cow & Bred Heifer Sale along with weigh-ups

  • Broken Bow Livestock 614 North B Street Broken Bow, NE, 68822 United States (map)
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Registered Brand L-RH
expires 12.31.18

90 Blk Angus Bull Bred Hfrs, Bred to Wetovick Blk Angus LBW Bulls, start Feb.
        10 for 40 days, Vibrio Lepto, Scour Guard, poured…Jim & Denise Russell

     8 Blk Angus Bull Bred Hfrs, Bred to LBW TC Forthright Son, vac Nov. 24th
        w/StayBred LV5, wormed w/Safe-Guard, poured w/Clean-up II, start
        Feb. 19 for 60 days, 1100-1200#…Jim Boyles

 150 Red, Blk & Rwf Bred Cows, Mostly  3-5 year old, start Mar. 1 for 75 days,
        Bred Blk, Red & 1 Hereford Bull, range condition, home raised,
        1100-1300#…Gerald Dunbar

   28 Blk Angus Bred Cows, bred Blk, start Feb. 25, SM to BM
        Complete Dispersion…Lonnie Reed

   24 Blk, Bwf, Red & Rwf Cows, 3-9 yrs old…Parsons & Olson

   22 Blk/Bwf Bred Cows, 5 yrs old-BM, Bred Blk, Apr/May calvers…Roger Kraus

20 Blk Angus Bred Cows, running age, bred Blk, March 1 for 70 days
Dale & Leroy Black

   11 Blk Cows, 3 yr old to BM, April / May calvers…Don Brosius

   15 Blk Angus Cows, Breds & Opens…Evert Ranch

   15 Blk Bred Cows, young to BM, Bred Blk Simm Bulls,
        start Mar. 1st…Laurel & Stuart Gilbertson

9 Blk Angus Bred Cows, 4hd- 2nd & 3rd Calvers, 5hd SM to BM, Bred Blk, April 15th calvers, Complete Dispersion …………….Gay Brown

     4 Hereford Cows, bred Blk, 1 Blk Cow, bred Hereford, 4 & 5 yrs old, Apr/May
        Calvers for 60 days…Jim Manary

   35 Open Cows…Mike Finney

   11 Blk & Bwf Open Cows…Roger Kraus

     1 Load Weigh Cows…Trevor Dam

1 Swiss X Nurse Cow w/calf at side, 5-6 yr old
1 Swiss X Nurse Cow w/calf at side, 2nd calver….Gilbert Muhlbach


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