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Day 2 - Sun., June 2, 2019 - Richard Hansen Auction 11 am - 620 E 22nd Street (West of Berryman Funeral Home) Cozad, NE

Hundreds of items, including furniture, antiques, collectibles, vintage cars, and more! Too many wonderful items to list. Two Day Auction takes place on Sat., June 1, 2019 - 10 am & Sun., June 2, 2019 at 11 am, at 620 E 22nd Street (West of Berryman Funeral Home) in Cozad, NE.

Click the photos below to see them at full size.

Sunday Sale Listing - Call Wendell 308-529-0117 or Kathy 308-529-3558

- live online bidding for Sunday Sale Items. -

 Pickup & Car

2008 Lincoln MKZ 4 Door Car, Sunroof, Loaded, 67,500 miles.

2003 Chevrolet LS C1500 2x4 Pickup, Automatic V8, 90,659 miles,w/topper.

Classic Collector Cars & More (check pictures for odometer readings)

1957 Ford 2 Door Hatchback Thunderbird, VIN: D7FH211167, 25344 miles, 312 CI. 3 spd on floor
          w/overdrive, Hard-top, Soft-top, #ECL-9425-B.

1931 Ford Model A, VIN: 190A260-92, 18128.7 miles.

1952 MG 2 Door TD, VIN: 10840, 01750 miles, side windows.

1969 MG B, VIN: GHN4U162131G, 76497 miles.

1951 Crosley Station Wagon, VIN: CD302769, Miles 40637.3, GWC #R208900.

1944 Cushman Airborne Scooter, A18877.

1978 Honda Moped, PA 50.

1969 Honda Motorcycle CA160, CA1601013638, has title, is not running.

1959 Model H Tractor, SN# FBH-319654, Front Mount Hydraulic Cherry Picker, 540 PTO, Like New
          Rubber 12.4-38.


Crosley Parts.

Ford Model A Engine, completely redone.

5) Model Ford A Spoke Wheels, 1 w/hub cap.

Ford Model A Storage Trunk.

Small Low Profile Utility Cargo Trailer.

Cozad, NE license plate topper.

Toys (not all are pictured)

Cast Iron Ice Truck w/Driver.

Cast Iron Train Engine, wind up.

Cast Iron Tractor w/Driver.

Cast Iron Huber Steam Tractor.

Wyandotte Toy Coast to Coast Bus Line.

Wyandotte Toy Ambulance.

Marx Clover Dale Farms Delivery Van.

Intercity Bus.

Cord Sedan w/Pull Camper.

Arcade 219 Model T Truck.

Hubley N485 Car.

Dump Truck, restored.

Van Wagon, metal.

Windup Toy: Jolly Penguin.

Windup Toys: Indian w/Drum & Bartender.

Mamod Steam Engine TEI.

Child’s Sewing Machine.

Gunsmoke Lunch Box w/thermos.

Barclay; Tootsie, Hot Wheels & US Mint Toys.

Ertl International Tractor & Wagon, 1/16 scale in box.

1932-1952 Highway Pioneers 4 Car Kits, 1/32 scale.

John Deere 1998 Cast Stock Car.

JD GP Tractor, Precision.

Halsam American Logs in original canister & box.

Tinker Toys in original canister, nice.

Super Highway Service Truck, plastic.

Assorted Beanie Babies.

Kids Toy Kitchen Utensils & Canisters.

Duck Pull Toy.   Smokie Toy Train.

Gunsmoke Lunchbox.

 Pedal Cars

Western Flyer Fire Pedal Car, restored.

Chrysler Air Flow Tan Pedal Car, restored.

1937 Chrysler Air Flow Burgundy Pedal Car, restored.

 Kiddie Car Classic Pedal Cars

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classic Pedal Cars - 4

1999 Series – 1926 Speedster, N22021, green.

1995 Series – 1962 Fire Truck Super Deluxe.

1998 Series – 1934 Chrysler Garton Air Flow, N2, Red & White.

1995 Series – 1937 Air Flow, N11569, Burgundy.


Airplanes Remote Control

(1)    Air Cat N1605C.

(2)    Orange & Yellow Spray Plane N3322E.

(3)    White & Red 3 Glider Plane, Tower Kaos 40MKll, (flown very little).

(4)    Blue & White King Air, Extra 330S.

(5)    Red White & Blue Fighter Plane - 4.

(6)    Stationary Motor.

(7)    2 Motor Starters.

(8)    2 Chargers.

(9)    1 Futaba T6J Remote Control.